My old Demon's Souls escapades

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My old Demon's Souls escapades Empty My old Demon's Souls escapades

Post by Alice on Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:58 pm

This is something I wrote from when I played DeS in 2010.

So today I decided to play Demon's Souls again. Despite being stuck in 1-2 with my lv 16 Knight (Trevlac). The Tower Knight was ripping me to shreds each time I tried to get to him. As did the 2 Blue-Eyes knights before him. So I decided to roll my level 1 Royal, Alice. Here's how it went.

I destroyed 1-1. When I got to the part where the red dragon strafes that bridge, I was running away so frantically I accidentally saw that it had an HP bar and locked on a Soul Arrow. When I noticed it did damage, I was kind of taken aback. It just seemed like a level trap, not an enemy. Well, I ran past it and since it only strafes in one direction, I thought I could maybe kill it. Twenty minutes of trolling a dragon later, and about 1/4 his HP was left. He fucked right off. I mean, permanently flew away from that level. So I remembered the loot on the cliff and went to see what it was.

FUCKING PURPLE FLAME SHIELD AND FLAME RESIST RING! Fuck yeah! Sadly, the sleeping dragon's tail killed me before I could grab the strength ring. No biggie, I moved on and fought Phalanx. He was a pushover, same as last time. I just shot magic at some underlings and firebombed him into oblivion. Ended 1-1 with 10,000 souls. Awesome.

Cue 1-2. I did my same dragon-trolling maneuver but THIS time he suddenly stopped moving midflight over a huge cliff, struggled to stay airborne, and fucking fell thousands of feet to his death. SCRATCH ONE DRAGON. I got +8000 souls and his soul which gives another +10,000!. Fucking 28,000 souls netted me a lot of levels. Then I hauled ass to 4-1 to attempt getting the Crescent Falchion for delicious MP regen. My fucking face fell when those skeletons could roll crazy fast. I somehow managed to get past them all but when I saw the red-eyes skeleton, I nearly shit myself. All I had was my spike shield and winged spear. Regardless that he was easy to dodge, I never thought of just grabbing the falc and running or letting myself die after. But since I was in body form, now that I had died, the skeletons could rape me hard.

Okay, so I am like level 25 at this point from all the crazy souls I was gaining. I decide to try my luck on Tower Knight. The dragon strafing on my other save is what made 1-2 such a drag. But this time, I could rape those blue eyed knights with soul arrow and also just run straight through all the towers. So I get to Tower Knight. And I immediately shag ass up the right hand stairs. What I first noticed is there wasn't a LEGION of archers like I remember there being from the one time I saw this fight with my Knight. I just magic raped them like always, making my way around the perimeter. Finally, I locked on to that faggot Tower Knight and shot 120-damage missiles at him.

He died.

I am in tears. I feel so awesome. I have done more in one day than in the 19 hours of hard grinding on my other Knight, with this Royal. Fuck yes.

I went back for that Falchion in 4-1, then tackled 2-1. I successfully trolled the shit out of Armor Spider without taking a single hit. I feel awesome. Level 31 bitches.

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My old Demon's Souls escapades Empty Re: My old Demon's Souls escapades

Post by Captaincorgi on Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:40 am

Good shit, good shit. Tower Knight was an asshole, though I imagine he would be on a melee class.
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