Best TCG duel EVER

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Best TCG duel EVER Empty Best TCG duel EVER

So the most awesome card battle I've ever had just happened.

I played Magnezone/Yanmega from last format just updated a bit. Corgi played the new rapetrain Tornadus/Celebi with Mewtwo EX.

About 6 turns before the end, he had Regigigas EX out with RAPE face on and no damage. So I planned ahead 5 turns for game. I would do 70 with yanmega, let it die to Hammer, rescue it back with rescue energy, bench yanma for safety while bringing out my patchirisu. The patchi was supposed to use shock for 50 bringing regi up to 120 total and die horribly bringing him to 1 prize. Then I could evolve yanmega, Guile's special attack for 2KO and leave us both with 1 prize. Yanmega could tank ANYTHING he had or could get at the time. I would then play Catcher and take out Celebi for game.

The patchi came in 1 turn too late, no biggie because I still got off the rescue Yanmega but he eviolited which I did not see coming. It set me back a whole turn due to massive absorbtion. Regigigas was an all-powerful god of destruction at this point. Eventually I got him to 150 after patchi died (70+50+30). Yanmega came back that turn and he sent Mewtwo EX with simply a DCE on. He attaches G. He plays juniper on a 7 card hand. I'm shitting bricks now because if he gets Switch, he can retreat to Celebi and breath for GG on mewtwo then switch for KO and game. Instead he collector's for shaymin and rearranges GGG from tornadus onto mewtwo. Mewtwo xballs for 120 and GAME.

Holy. Fuck.

That was amazing. Best loss ever. And next turn I definitely had the means to catcher+celebiKO for game. It's in pic related. Also I had Guile's theme playing for the last 6 turns for epicness and to signify Sonicboom yanmega

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