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Post by Alice on Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:57 pm

Gonna post some links to legit online money making sites. I hate not being employed.
Become a live customer support chatter. Yep, they will pay you to have chats on behalf of a company. Looks like it's pretty reasonable and some of it is tech support. If you're any good at that, like me, you should try this.
Post what you will do for $5. There's a lot of things on there you wouldn't expect people to pay for like "Making a tough decision" but then you go to the guy's page and read the comments and EVERYONE says he's the most amazing decision maker ever and he helped their life. Every single person has some sort of semi-useful skill or talent so go pick up 5 bucks.
Amazon hosts a Human Intelligence Tasks section where you are paid to do things only humans can do. Pick up tasks, earn a tiny bit of money. It's much more legit than that stupid Mega Typers garbage; they pay you about 65 cents for typing 1000 captchas.

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